In 2011 after an unsuccessful search for a mechanical wristwatch with a very particular style, the Valour Watch Company founder and designer Mark Daniel started the journey to create a new and unique limited edition timepiece brand. With historical WWI and WWII aviation as the core theme, the company combines his expertise as a mechanical engineer, an enthusiasm for the art of watchmaking and a long held fascination with the world war eras into watch designs that are truly unique in their aesthetics.

Each Valour timepiece will reflect the rich heritage of wartime aviation – from the amazing array of aircraft that were designed and flown during these periods to the notable tales of human endeavour.

With a meticulous attention to detail and quality, Mark himself designed Valour’s first offering, the Sopwith Aviator®, machining and assembling the prototypes by hand in his own workshop. Working in close cooperation with his chosen Swiss manufacturing partner and other suppliers from around Europe, the high standard that he has set for Valour will always be clearly seen in the company’s unique limited edition timepieces.

The Victoria Cross (VC) medal is the highest military award given to members of the armed forces within the various Commonwealth countries and is awarded for acts of courage and bravery while “in the face of the enemy”. Many a brave aviator of WWI and WWII received this prestigious medal and it provided design cues for our logo and the inspiration for the company name: Valour.