A Word from the Founder

Welcome to Valour Watch Company.

In my early years I was always fascinated with anything of a mechanical nature. After viewing a watch movement through a loupe for the first time my interest was solidified with its precision manufacturing and miniature internal mechanisms all working seamlessly to keep time. To this day, a finely made mechanical watch movement is still for me a work of engineering art.

While growing up, I was also very inspired by wartime history, particularly the aeronautical side. My father shared a keen interest in the wartime eras of WWI and WWII and his family link to WWII aviation also made my own interest more relevant. In my professional career as a mechanical engineer I have also been fortunate enough to work on various novel aeronautical design projects which enabled me to combine both my interests in engineering design and aviation.

In New Zealand and during WW2, my grandfather undertook NZRAF flight training and was eventually stationed on Bougainville Island in the pacific with 30 Squadron, operating as ground crew in support of the TBF Avenger aircraft flying out of the allied airfields. My grandfather’s brother, a 25 year old Pilot officer with the NZRAF attached to the RAF, was with 62 Squadron and last operated out of Calcutta, India flying the Lockheed Hudson bomber. While piloting a bombing mission in March 1943 he went down and was declared MIA, until the crash site of his aircraft was discovered and he was later buried in India.

For me, the Valour Watch Company slogan ‘Be inspired by another time’ simply captures the essence of the theme that our designs are based on. Besides an obvious play on watches and ‘time’, in the historical sense the wartime eras of WWI and WWII are filled with countless human and engineering endeavours that are nothing but truly inspiring.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about Valour Watch Company in this our official launch year. I very much look forward to bringing many more unique and interesting limited edition designs to our customers.


Mark Daniel
Founder/ Designer