“Any watch can tell you the time but this watch reminds you of something from another time”

Gene DeMarco, Sopwith Camel Pilot , Co-owner of The Vintage Aviator- New Zealand


“This thing is awesome and the presentation box is a piece of art….can’t wait for the next one!”

Colin, Buckinghamshire – UK


“My father was a pilot in the US Navy and I can still recall his stories word for word. This watch reconnects me with those stories of heroism and adventure and when I put on the Sopwith Aviator watch I feel the presence of another time and place. It definitely takes you back to the days of the brave and honourable WWI & WWII pilots and what they sacrificed.”

Kevin R, Colorado – USA


“The Valour Sopwith Aviator is a timepiece with a real difference. The depth of detail in the construction is brilliant and it’s a real conversation starter”.

Michael C, London – UK


“A piece of history on the wrist and a watch that is most definitely unique in its design.”

James E, Norfolk -UK